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Old-school arcade machines are a great addition to any gaming room. But they're also heavy, take up a ton of space, and are prone to breaking down. The Polycade offers the feel of classic arcade machines without the headaches. This wall-mounted unit has a 28-inch LED monitor and integrated 8-way controls for two players, plus a 4-way one-player setup for older games, and is powered by a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, with an 8GB SD card pre-installed with emulation software and nearly 100 games.


  • The Polycade cabinet is cut out by robots and constructed by professional cabinet makers.
  • The cabinet is built from laminate and comes in either black, white, or a printed vinyl wrap (+300).
  • The control panel of the Polycade is removable.
  • This allows you to swap out the control setup to optimize for your favorite games, if need be.
  •  We offer several different control panel options, see below for more details.