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ONEclassic: $4K DECT Wireless Speakers

ONEclassic: $4K DECT Wireless Speakers


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ONEclassic is an innovative wireless speaker system that puts true audiophile quality sound in your home at one-tenth the price. It’s the first audio system to use DECT technology. DECT changes how sound is delivered to your ears. It aligns the sound and removes the audio lag present in most systems. 

  • Sound profile : Warm, Natural, Clarity, Dynamic 
  • Tone balance : 7 steps -3 to +3, step size 0.2dB in tweeter gain 
  • Audio mode support : Surround mode, Stereo mode 
  • Speaker position : Main speaker, rear speaker 
  • Transmitter support : 3 dongles (console box will be available end of year) 
  • Power management : Auto power off, power saving mode