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Helix™ - The World's Best Folding Bike

Helix™ - The World's Best Folding Bike


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Big wheels. Titanium frame. Smaller, lighter, safer and easier to use than any other folding bike in the world. Made in Canada.

  • SMALLER:Helix was designed from the ground up to be the smallest and most compact folding bike in the world.LIGHTER
  • LIGHTER :Helix was designed to go everywhere, whether it's the subway, the trunk of your car or a suitcase; it will be lifted often, so it must be lightweight.Helix folds down to the size of its wheels.
  • 20 LBS :The world's lightest folding bike.We've obsessed over every detail to make sure Helix is as light as possible without compromising everyday durabilit
  • SAFER:Pass-through locking design with secondary safety ensures a worry free ride
  • MORE RIGID:Spring loaded locking device compensates for wear so Helix always feels solid
  • ONE-PIECE FRAME :Side-by-side folding allows for a one-piece hinge-free frame that won't flex or creak while pedaling