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Edison 3D - To Make ANY TV a 3DTV

Edison 3D - To Make ANY TV a 3DTV


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The first Product on the market to turn your 2DTV into a 3DTV!

  • At the production level, the management has to ascertain whether a particular movie has the potential to draw the majority of viewers to watch it on 3D screen then decide to film it with expensive 3D equipment with the help of a team of highly qualified 3D crew.
  • At the theater level, facilities for the playback of 3D films, 3D projector and polarized 3D glasses have to invested and acquired in order to provide viewers with 3D effects at Full HD. 
  • At the home entertainment level, end-users probably has to take out a loan for a 3D TV, 3D Bluray Player and Movies in 3D (which is not produced in every Movie Title.) What about TV Programmes & Games