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Bulbing Lamp

Bulbing Lamp


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This playful and visually surprising LED lamp is composed of a flat acrylic sheet that has been laser engraved with dozens of intricate incised lines that suggest the three-dimensional and gently ghoulish form of a skull. When inserted into the wooden birch wood base, LED light travels through the line, illuminating the design and creating a powerful optical illusion that challenges our comprehension of space. Mitigating the complexity of concept and construction with a minimalist, universally understood form.

  • JVR LH33 "3D" LED Lamp lights up your life, using 3D wire-frame images and transferring them onto 2D materials, to create functional and delicate design pieces that trick the eye, 100% flat, great optical illusion. It is an elegant light that will add a cool design element to your room
  • The glow lamp is made from an acrylic sheet, which is known for its incredible light transmitting properties more than glass and plastic. The base is made from high-quality natural wood. And the light is LED, a warm glow, and won't get hot
  • The acrylic design is created using a laser machining process, the special effect of looking 3D in fact 2D without needing special glasses or taking up too much space. The top section is an acrylic piece measuring only 5 mm in thickness
  • All circuitry is wired, adhering to the highest electric standards. Upon placing the acrylic design in the lamp's base where the LED is positioned, the light breaks through the etched surface, energy efficient and doesn't overheat
  • With JVR bulb type light, you can surprise friends and family with the element of optical illusion. Creative use for the whole family, it can even be a fun piece for the kid's room at night. The warm LED light is soft and low heat, perfect for displaying in your room, pub, club, restaurant and anywhere you like