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Learns about your habits & home environment. Auto adjusts AC for ideal temperature & energy savings. Remote access via Android/iPhone. Ambi Climate is a small, sleek internet of things device that makes your existing infrared remote-controlled air conditioner smart. It allows you to sync your AC with your smartphone, giving you complete access to monitor and control your air conditioner wherever you are. Ambi Climate uses predictive climate control by controlling the temperature and environment both inside and outside maximizing energy consumption.

  • Works with your existing AC: Ambi Climate upgrades any infrared remote-controlled AC unit, including split units, heat/cool units and more. No hardware or installs needed.
  • Easy setup: Setup takes 5 minutes or less, and teaching your Ambi Climate is as easy as tapping “too hot” or “too cold”. Sit back, relax and let Ambi do all the work!
  • WiFi-enabled: Connects your AC to the Internet using your Wi-Fi, letting you adjust your ACs from anywhere.
  • Advanced sensors: Ambi Climate’s temperature, humidity, motion, and sunlight sensors collect vital information about your environment.
  • Always learning: The brain behind Ambi Climate is built in the Cloud so it’s always getting smarter. By analyzing your feedback, real-time weather data and sensor readings, you’re getting customized tailored indoor comfort.
  • Saves you money: Many ACs can’t hold a set temperature well, leading to overcooling and overheating - which will cost you over time. Ambi Climate throttles your AC to eliminate energy waste so you get to keep a little more of your hard-earned cash each month.
  • Comfort Mode adapts to you: Teach Ambi Climate what feels “just right” to you, and it’ll work its magic to keep your space perfectly comfy.
  • Away Mode takes care of your home: Set temperature and humidity thresholds and Ambi will make sure your plants, pets and clothes are protected from unwanted moisture and extreme temperatures.
  • Fine-grain temperature control: Set half degrees and maintain a consistent “feels like” temperature.
  • Replaces your remote: Your smartphone becomes your remote. Use the app to control your AC and never rummage the couch folds for your remote again.
  • Timers: Set timers to turn your AC on or off based on your daily routine.
  • Control all your ACs from one app: Use the app to control all your ACs, no matter where you are.