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The Benefits for Vendor Companies

Low fees.

No initial fees. Starting with 10% for the first 3 months. 5-15% service fee depending on the sales volume then on.

Increasing sales.

Improving permanent sales via direct traffic to Designclusive as well as increased social media exposure and SEO

New marketing channel.

Designclusive is built to be a great source of marketing for design product companies. With its sole focus of design products and its mission as the Design Thinking platform that Thought Leaders and Design Experts take part makes it unique for design enthusiasts. Designclusive traffic is to be highly supported by social media, referral marketing, SEO, influencers and expert insight and review entries

Reaching a design focused highly educated audience

Designclusive is unique in its form of being a design product marketplace and design thinking platform at the same time. Design enthusiasts can therefore enjoy the design content and buy new top products to enjoy them.

Customizable admin panel

Vendor companies are assigned their own admin panel that they can edit their products, customers, track sales and traffic. This gives the companies the autonomy to embrace Designclusive as their own site and improve their SEO, sales and overall marketing

Branding among the top design products

Designclusive selects only the top design products among thousands considering a variety of criteria such as design, innovation, smartness and functionality. Also, Designclusive doesn't allow the same functionality product more than a few times. Early membership and high volume sales are good ways to stay on top of Designclusive choices.

Increased Social media exposure

Designclusive social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google+, Twitter) pages to be strengthened with influencer marketing, consistent great posts on all platforms and paid ads continuously, which will give companies a general boost in their traffic because of increasing website traffic and particular posts to display their deals or new products

Improved SEO

A professional and successful SEO team is continuously working on better Google ranking, which has specific goals to be placed among the top search results within 6 months of the launch taking every step on time to reach to the top initially in the U.S. for the relevant keywords. SEO is all about being relevant. Shortly, Designclusive is designed to be relevant, have top quality content, a great number of top relevant referrals and a great number of entries made regarding design products and design content. Member vendor companies will highly reap the benefits in no more than 6 months following the launch.

Ability to boost sales with deals

Companies will be able to make deals and boost their sales via email marketing, social media posts and website placement via Designclusive.

Interview / blog entries as guest writers

Companies to have at least one post entry scheduled with its founder or creative to tell about the story of the company to the members and to the general public. Companies will also be able to have new opportunities for new posts for their new products and bright ideas.

Cross marketing

Designclusive, being a marketplace, offers the chance to be discovered by members who visits the site for browsing or searching for another product