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Eto: A beautiful innovation in wine preservation

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eto is a beautifully designed wine decanter that gives you the freedom to enjoy wine at your own pace, and never waste a drop again. Its innovative, patented preservation system uses an airtight seal to keep wine perfectly fresh for at least 7 days, as proven by blind taste tests carried out with 'Master of Wine' Richard Hemming, and independent laboratory testing at Bangor University.

I am Tom Cotton, an award-winning industrial designer with nearly 20 years experience of bringing products from concept to market. I am passionate about protecting the environment, and in 2011 became interested in designing a product that helped to reduce wine wastage.

Wine wastage is a huge environmental problem across the world. In the UK alone, 50 million litres of wine are poured down the sink every year - see WRAP report EVA063. A recent study by Laithwaite’s Wine put the figure down as enough to fill 333 Olympic-sized swimming pools, and also these disturbing statistics: 

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