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You Have a Great Design Product, Now It's Time for Great Images!

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Your images of your products show your vision of your product. It is continuation of your story that connects you with your followers. The concept you choose, the lighting, purity or collage or any amount of different creative process that you need to be involved paves the way for your communication with the outside world because your product is your baby and you want to introduce it the right way.

Studio shooting. The best would be taking pictures with the white background since that focuses attention on the product itself and makes the product look pure. To do that, you may simply buy white carton and cover the background with it. You also need professional photography and lighting equipment that will create the homogeneous lighting and perfectly clean photography that builds the visual trust between you and your customers.

downtown shoes bleecker model

Outdoors Photography. This is your story. Marketing is the perceived value that is created in your customer's mind. Branding may take years and you should have the same story that you should stick with so that you can create the image and profile you search for. Is your product a high end sophisticated one or high quality yet affordable product that many people can reach? What does your concept involve? What is the profile of people that use it? Where do they go? What do they do? Of course, without a great product, there is no marketing. However, when you have a great product, it is all about marketing.

downtown shoes hudson fly

Great and Simple Tools to Edit Your Images

Mobile. We recommend Photoshop Express, which is available both for iOS and Android. It has many of the magical tools of PSP that would further add to your marketing of your great product.

photoshop express

Picasa. If you don't want to spend, the Google owned Picasa is a free tool to edit with filter, crop, text, etc. It can be highly satisfactory if you need basic functions.

picasa photo editor

Fotor. This is a great tool if you need to organize your images for a campaign, website or use it for editing. It is a paid app, however, with all the tools it provides, we think it is really worth it.


You may also try Pixlr or BeFunky

Quality is always more important than quantity so finding the best concept and image and following the path to perfecting them may be the best method for the way forward for branding.








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