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OnePlus, Ever Heard of It? It can be Your Next Phone!

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OnePlus was formally established in December 2013. The founder is Pete Lau who was the hardware engineer and then, the VP of marketing in OPPO, the company with the most mobile phone sales in China.

oneplus2 phone

The company launched its first phone, OnePlus 1 in June 2014 and OnePlus sold about 2million phones in just about 6 months after its release.

The main motto of the company is premium phones with great affordability. So much that its features are mostly better than an iPhone and its price tag is half of iPhone. It sounds unbelieavable, but, yes, labor cost in China, compared with low prices of the supply and online-only marketing strategy of OnePlus along with low profit margins made the bold move especially for a phone startup possible.

Even though Pete Lau and the company formally denies that they are owned by OPPO and OPPO is only their manufacturing partner, how they achieve to make such a great phone for millions in a such a short period of time with low budget makes it undoubtedly highly questionable.

As Designclusive, a few of our staff use OnePlus and we can say that we really like the idea of such a great looking phone with premium features for half the price. Nexus did the same with regards to the price, however, partnering with LG, they coudn't offer the same premium design and features.

Firstly, design! 5.5inch design with changeable beautiful covers and aluminum frame along with high resolution screen and alert slider with 3 switches when you want alerts or don't want to be disturbed.

That only leave us with the comparison of OnePlus 2 (released in August 2015) with iPhone 6s

oneplus 2 vs. iphone 6

We choose to compare the iPhone with OnePlus 2 instead of OnePlus 3 since OnePlus was just released in June, 2016 so it should be compared with the next iPhone coming up in a few months.

Overall, OnePlus is a great emerging brand that deserves more attention, however, it may take a few more years or more celebrities to use for the brand to be recognized by everyone. They deserve a big applause for their bold step to make the mobile phone market a more competitive and beautiful space.

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