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How to Own a Smart Home Under $1000

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Smart Home Systems, also named as Home Automation Systems, are becoming popular with the increasing technology, internet and smartphone use and rising interest of general public along with the increase overall wealth in the world. Smart Homes mean more secure homes, increase savings by turning on/off particular devices when not home, remote control of your home devices, connectivity of all the devices, which can be seen as your devices speak with each other and entertainment systems making life more fun.

The use of Smart Home can improve the life quality and ease via interoperability where ideally all the devices at home are connected and they are run under one central app; remote access, where an app can enter and adjust the use of the devices independently; expandability, where new devices can be added with the increase in technology or the needs of the home owner; upgradeability, where the app can be updated to change the use of the devices or the connectivity; and last, but not least, strong dealer network, which results with seamless installation and maintenance from all aspects.

Our Recommendation for the Total Smart Home Solution

  • Amazon Echo. Amazon achieved great success with Echo. The device has sound design with highly successful voice recognition. You can control your Smart Home Apps using Echo as CNet Smart Home and control lighting, entertainment, thermostats, smoke detectors, etc. - $180

 Amazon Alexa

  • Nest Thermostat. Nest, Acquired by Google, Nest Thermostat, the core product of Nest, offers high end smart detector and sound design. - $250

Nest Thermostat

  • Nest Smoke Detector. Sleek design with extra features and easy-to-install and use app, Nest Smoke Detector is one of the best tech smart solution for smoke detectors - $100

Nest Smoke Detector

  • Nest Camera. You can view, hear and speak via Nest Camera. Good design and well thought-out product. - $100

Nest Camera

  • August Smart Lock. One of the pioneers of Smart Locks, it is the high end solution, designed by an ex-Apple designer. With August, you can give access to any person to your home however long you want. - 227

August Lock

  • Philips Hue Wireless. Adjust the intensity of your lighting using the app - $34/each

Philips Hue Lighting

The above will give you a basic high end smart home system for less $1000. Your home will be secure, connected, increasing savings and much more fun.

You may also use Amazon Echo Dot as the central control for your Smart Home if you want to spend half the price. - $90

Amazon Echo Dot

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