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Eto: A beautiful innovation in wine preservation

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Elegant decanter with patented system that keeps your wine perfect, ensuring you never waste a drop.

Elegant wine decanter with unique, patented system that keeps your wine tasting perfectly fresh, ensuring you never waste a drop again.

eto is a beautifully designed wine decanter that gives you the freedom to enjoy wine at your own pace, and never waste a drop again. Its innovative, patented preservation system uses an airtight seal to keep wine perfectly fresh for at least 7 days, as proven by blind taste tests carried out with 'Master of Wine' Richard Hemming, and independent laboratory testing at Bangor University.

eto is easy to use - its unique design ensures every step is quick, clean and complements the traditional ritual of enjoying wine.

Due to its patented preservation system that creates an airtight seal over the wine, eto halts the oxidation process, which in turn preserves the wine’s freshness and taste. 

As we become more health-consciousness, more and more of us are choosing to enjoy just a glass or two rather than several – or even save our wine drinking for the weekend. eto gives us this freedom. 

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